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Anne Diggory :

 Blue Mountain Light

Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts

Blue Mountain Lake, NY

August 20 - September 15, 2018

Reception Aug 25, 4-7 pm, with Talk at 6 pm, Painting the Light


The exhibition pulls together artworks in many sizes and mediums inspired by the Blue Mountain at work 1.jpgLake area over a span of 24 years.  The majority of the pieces were created in recent years while I was artist-in-residence during five summers at the Adirondack Museum, as the Adirondack Experience was then called. The energy of nature has always inspired me with its ever-shifting light on moving waters and remarkable skies.  I go beyond the description of a certain place to convey the complex experience of looking around that space. By manipulating composition, color, amount and clarity of detail and the ways that forms merge or separate, I work to create an energized, light-filled whole. In the last ten years I have created many mixed media works that shift between painting, photography and digital manipulation. Several examples of that work are in the exhibition.

(works labeled as in private or public collections are not in the exhibition)

Paintings of Blue Mountain Lake

My earliest paintings of Blue Mountain Lake were views from Eagle Lake. I stayed for the morning after a conference at the Blue Mountain Center in 204.  At first I did a fairly traditional pairing of shoreline trees and the distant mountain. Then I became intrigued by a wheel barrow with a blue tarp that almost seemed to have been removed from the sky, leaving the white of the clouds where it had been.


morning Light.jpg


 Morning Light from Blue Mt. Center

  8 x 10 1/4 "










folded blue.jpg

Folded Blues

28x 22.5”  Watercolor













When I returned to the area, based at the museum for art residencies, I painted from the museum’s shoreline where on a stormy day I could retreat to the leanto between storms.

Between Storms 14 ¾ x 30” acrylic on canvas

between storms.jpg


Islands in the sky2011_3225 BML.jpg 

 Islands in the Sky  8x8”  acrylic on panel


The pavilion at the beach provided shelter on a rainy evening for this view of the lifting clouds as the storm ended.

after the rain2013.jpg After the Rain 12 x12” acrylic on panel


I also paddled out on the lake where one evening a very soft sky provided a backdrop to the sharper and darker shapes of the shore and islands.

feathery sky.jpg

Feathery Sky over Blue Mountain Lake  12x18” acrylic on panel


There were sunnier days as well.



 Into the Blue (from the museum)    8x10” acrylic on panel











Blue mt  from Rock lake II.jpg


Blue Mountain from Rock Lake 

 6x9” mixed media 2013







Dun Brook Mt from Rock Pond.jpg


Dun Brook Mt. From Rock Lake

Ink on brown paper

6.5x10”   2013  (not in exhibition





I spent many evenings at Prospect Point, inspired by the lengthening shadows and dramatic skies. There was a small blue ball on the picnic table above the beach that became a fun reference point for the blueness of the location. A young girl made sure that each evening I came to paint, the ball was found and placed back on the table.

Blue Ball at Blue Mt lake 18x24 acrylic on canvas.jpg









Blue Ball at Blue Mountain Lake,  12 x 24”  acrylic on canvas




campfire final.jpgI stayed for the campfire when it got dark and a few years later started a painting of the experience, using sketches, photos and invention to create an image of the gathering of light and people.



Campfire at Prospect Point, 16 x20” acrylic on canvas






another glorious evening.jpgAfter the light had gone from the foreground at Prospect Point, the changing sky was the main visual entertainment.



Another Glorious Evening    9x12” 

Acrylic on panel





Encircled 12x18 acrylic on panel.jpg






Encircled  12x18” (sold)


glorious evening.jpg 

Glorious Evening  8x10”                                                                              






dispersing light.jpg

Dispersing Light 8x10”








approaching storm I.jpgIn July of this year I painted an approaching storm from the shore at the La Prairie cabins, needing to retreat for cover for the second painting.

Approaching Storm I

3.5x7.5” acrylic on Panel




approaching storm II.jpg



Approaching Storm II  3x10”  acrylic on panel






And I painted from my canoe

bluff point (2).jpg






Bluff Point  3x8”  acrylic on panel (sold)                                                 

Rock Island, 6x6”acrylic on panel   

Rock Island (2).jpg





I paddled across the lake for a hike up to Castle Rock, and painted from the perch above the lake. The Castle Rock painting became the basis for a larger work that includes Blue Mountain.

Above the Blue, 10x10”  Acrylic on panel 2018Above the Blue.jpg  (sold) at work 1.jpg









wip blue.jpg
















View from Castle Rock   24 x 36”   acrylic on canvas   2018  (sold)

Lake Durant

A camping trip to the Lake Durant Campground in October of 1994 inspired my first paintings of Blue Mountain. We had a lake side site with a view of the dancing shapes of the rock faces on the mountain.  I did several watercolors of that view as well as the view back toward the shore with the trees in the fog.

october reflections (2).jpg






October Reflections, watercolor

1994 8x9”







final color (2).jpg

Final Color, watercolor 1994

7 3/4 x 13 ½”






expansion  73 x 36 oil on canvas.jpg




        Expansion  72 x 36” oil on canvas, private collection


       Based on a small watercolor from the campsite ( not in exhibit)






About 15 years later I started summer stints as artist-in-residence at the then Adirondack Museum. For five summers I spent a week at the museum in the middle part of the day. On my free evenings I often went to the end of Lake Durant where the hiking trail bridges the narrow connection between the lake and Rock Pond. The first painting was done from a boulder on the shore, looking at the dramatic evening light and clouds across the lake.  Later visits were with my paints in the canoe, putting in off Durant Road at the western end of the lake, at the trailhead for the Cascade Pond hike.


last light (lake durant).jpg Last Light, Lake Durant

7 ¼ x 12  Acrylic on panel










The clouds that night were swept away by the wind and inspired a larger painting back in the studio.

Banner Day    24x30” acrylic on canvas  (not in exhibition)

13 banner day 1280.jpg









In summer months the sunset clouds hover over the passage between the shores and I created many artworks based on different angles and different skies.











                                                                                       Passage 16x20”  acrylic on canvas

Two versions of the passage that are in private collections

sunset passage.jpg







SUNSET yk 8in.jpg.






Three artworks that were created in my canoe  were later combined with photographs to create the much larger “Overture”

gatherng at the surface.jpg






Gathering on the Surface, 8 ¾ x 10 ¾ “

mixed media   (sold)


opening performance.jpg





 Opening Performance  20x20”

 Collection of Saratoga Springs Hospital



2013_3507 Sunset Lineup 1280px.jpg











Sunset Lines    16x20”   private collection




Overture 56x56 hybrid on canvas 5in.jpgThree hybrid works combine scans of my artworks, photographs, and digital manipulation into a digital file that was then printed on canvas for further painting


Overture   56x56” hybrid on canvas 2017








Edging In-final_hybrid on paper 13.5x20.jpg




Edging In    2016

Hybrid on paper 13x19”






Diggory Overture II 850 px.jpg



Twilight Overfull     201Hybrid on canvas  20 x 26.5”

(not in exhibition)







 Buttermilk Falls

In the early morning, before my daily presence at the museum, I would go to Buttermilk Falls, where the morning light provided some drama to match the energy of the falls.


2013 anchored 15x30 a on canvas _850.jpg

Anchored 15 x 30”  (collection of Saratoga Springs Hospital)


early glow.jpg

Early Glow  10x20”

Acrylic on canvas







golden morning final.jpg




Golden Morning 16 x 20”

 acrylic on canvas  (sold)








night falls.jpg


One evening I returned to the location to experience a different light. The water really stood out amidst the nearly monochromatic darks.

Night Falls  11x14”  acrylic on panel








2013 winter_boulders_10 3_4 x 27 1_4 mixed media paper 850.jpg

 I returned in early winter to work on a drawing of the wide space.

Winter Boulders  11x28”

Mixed media

(not in exhibition)




To create three large artworks based on Buttermilk Falls I combined scans of my smaller paintings, photographs and digital manipulations to make an Epson print on canvas that I painted on to finish the pieces. All three were featured in my recent solo exhibition at the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, NY.

flat out.jpg


Flat Out  

34 x 50”  hybrid on canvas (sold)













2013 swimming_hole  21x30 hybrid paper 2013to14 _850px.jpg  Swimming Hole, 20 x 31in

Private collection








Coming and Going    38x 104” on two walls, shown in studio before framing  (not in exhibition)

IMG_9464 corner.jpg

Price list available from  info@adirondackarts.org   or from Anne Diggory








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