Diggory at LPCA    Aug 21- Sept 19, 2015

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2001-1959  Endless Journey  14x34" acrylic on paper


I made two painting trips to the flume of the Opalescent River above

Lake Colden. The trips became the subject of two blogs for the

Adirondack Almanac


Each of these studies  (14x11")was the basis for a larger painting, and together

they show the circular journey of looking up the falls and down from the falls.


The Same River Twice                                  The Flume                             Helter Skelter

36x24"                                                       22x9 feet                              49x53"

Longfellows, Saratoga Springs, NY                 Adirondack Trust Company       private collection, Glens Falls, NY

                                                                 Saratoga Springs, NY