Diggory at LPCA    Aug 21- Sept 19, 2015

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2011-3214   Settings  12x14.5"  hybrid on paper



Settings began as a drawing, on gessoed wood, of the wonderful set of cake servers loaned to me by friends for my daughter Ariel’s wedding, Sept. 2011.

 I loved the variety of forms designed for the same function, from elegant to ornate.  

serving drawing wip trimmed 6 in.jpg

After beginning the drawing, I decided to try an image that evoked not only the setting for the occasion, but also the eternal dialogue in art between interior and exterior worlds. I took a photo of the drawing sitting on the easel and added other digital images in layers in Photoshop.








Here are the three elements that I added to the drawing to make a digital collage that would be the basis for further painting .

A Cezanne painting (which was selected for the triangular cloth on the left and for Cezanne’s continuing interest in both still lifes and mountains)












_MG_1087 low res wip.jpg


A photo of dawn over Pitchoff Mountain at the wedding location, South Meadow Farm near Lake Placid, NY










southmeadow drawing low res.jpg   A sketch of Cascade Mountain at the wedding same location










The layers were all combined in Photoshop and then printed on paper. I painted over the print with acrylic paint.

what was printed 7 in.jpg       http://diggory.com/images/exhibitions/Diggory_lpca_2015/images/2011_3214_settings_frame_18x20_5.jpg