Mural In Progress
In the Studio
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  Before shifting to working on a vertical surface the mural was installed temporarily in the bank stairwell. I spent the day taking notes on changes to make (trimming the bottom, raising the water level by condensing the rock shapes, bringing the upper left rock mass in closer to the water). I then returned to paint at the studio for a weekend. I made most of the adjustments to the upper part of the painting so that I would have to spend less time high up on ladders and lifts.  
  Working vertically at the Saratoga Springs City Center for two months
Mike Murray built a wooden structure and attached it to the wall.
The painting was unrolled, hoisted and stapled at the top by Shaw Fici and Steve Martonis of Art Specs.
Stapling the bottom half
Working on the top with an electric lift

On the lift


Final adjustments