Painter   Anne Diggory


Endless Hudson River Landscape

February 7, 2009- January 3, 2010

An interactive public art project to acompany an exhibition at   

The Albany Institute of History and Art

Hudson River Panorama:

400 Years of History, Art and Culture

Times Union article about the project  Click here


Three of the panels after the public contributed:

I designed 20 "stage sets" (each 3x4 feet) for invented landscapes of the Hudson River. Since February 2009, six at a time have been in the lobby of the Albany Institute, for the public to "complete." They will be up through Dec 31, 2010.

I designed them on the computer, based on my paintings and the Institute's, using a playful sense of space. They make a continuous landscape and can be rearranged multiple ways. The Institute printed them and the public gets to complete them with drawing tools and collage.  All ages and abilities are welcome to contribute.   The large show at the Institute is in honor of the 400th anniversary of Hudson sailing up the river  

For FIRST NIGHT SARATOGA 2010/2011 : Twelve panels will be set up for the public to work on

A set of miniature interactive cards is available for purchase (see below) $8 per set ($5 at First Night Saratoga)


Funding for the interactive art project is provided by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency, The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area/Greenway and the National Park Service, and the New York State Quadricentennial Commission. Ellison Company has generously provided in kind project support.

Information about the design process and the artworks that inspired it.



A set of cards is available that can be lined up and rearranged in almost endless combinations. They will be sold at the Albany Institute and other locations. The cards are $8 per set, with $4 for tax, shipping and handling.  See poster page for address for checks.




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