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I transferred the major shapes of the full-sized study to a commercially prepared canvas using tulle fabric as a tracing material.

  I worked on the floor of my studio for the first month, mainly using painting mitts and rollers with textured surfaces to lay out the large areas. I have a collection of used rollers, each with a distinct pattern. Large round scene-painting brushes were loaded with paint and rolled on their sides to produce spattering textures.


1. At first I washed in the major shapes to establish the placement and create warm undertones.

2. I established the lower right and upper left quadrants first since I wanted to strongly state the movement across the waterfall.

3. I then added color to all parts so that the bare canvas would refer to the lightest portions. The sky and the lowest part of the water would change the least in following months.

4. Then I added details to all of the areas in order to clarify the masses and the interlocking structure. The expressionistic painting was based on information from on-site artwork as well as digital photographs and ideas about building an illusionistic space.